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Making BLand Creative Grand since 2008

Amie Sassman, founder of Gravy Creative, LLC, left the safety of working for others with a dream to take what she had learned and make it on her own. Over eight years and many happy clients later, we’re still here! Pretty impressive for a startup these days, eh?

We specialize in creating unique web sites, most of which are custom wordpress theme design and development. Of course this all depends on the clients needs. We don’t just design what we like, we first research and gather information, then strategize a plan that will get results, then begin to design and build your project based on our findings.

Integrated marketing plays a big part here too. So often a website won’t do well on it’s own, you’ll need a logo, business system, marketing materials and promotion emails to market your site and product/business. This is where we have proven to be a success again and again. Plus, once a project is complete, there is always more marketing and maintenance to do, which we are more than happy to help you with.

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Web Design

Gravy Creative Web Design ExampleYour website is your online calling card that operates 24-7, all year round. Make sure it’s doing it’s job by not only looking stunning but by generating traffic and converting leads. A great site will increase sales, be user-friendly, convert leads and even get people talking!

The way we see it, helping you, helps us, so we want to make sure we do it right, the first time. By discovering your ultimate goals, and striving to understand your company, we can target your specific audience and create a solution, consistent with your brand that will help you succeed.

We use the latest and greatest technology, always create designs from scratch and follow best practices of the world wide web. (Great for search engines!).

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Branding/Identity Design

Gravy Creative Logo DesignEvery business is unique. We can help you tell your story. By making a good impression from the get go you communicate the value of your business and connect with your target audience. By understanding your brand is more than a logo, that it’s a personality, it will speak for itself.

We’ve all chosen one package over another, simply because of the look of it. A brand says a lot about your company and it should be incorporated into every aspect of your business from your online presence to the product on the shelf. As well as your staff, service and store front, if you have one. It’s what people remember.

Gravy Creative will work with you to identify what image YOU want to reflect and help customers see who you are by incorpoating your brand into every aspect of your business (i.e., your logo, website, marketing collateral, signage, etc).

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Print Design

Gravy Creative Web Design ExampleWith all of the visual chaos out there, its easy to go unnoticed. With the right message and creative collateral, you can stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience. By encompassing both great design and strategy, engage the viewer and ask them to take action, you won’t get lost in the abyss!

We have the experience to get your materials noticed. Through trained design eyes, we will carefully format your content, using typography, design elements, colors and graphics to product the best layouts for your unique message.

Don’t settle for mediocre! Cruise through our past work and see for yourself.

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what do clients say?

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Amie is a pleasure to work with and is adored by her clients. She is creative and inventive and provides great value to my clients. She always is attentive to schedules, and also has a deep understanding of designing for personalURL campaigns. She has extensive experience in designing for print, for the web and the mobile web. I will conbtinue to use her and recommend her to my clients.
Bruce Vanderhaar, Director of Marketing at O'Neil Printing
Easy to work with - beautiful work!
Kim Heredia, Kids at Hope
Amie does great, creative work while keeping client's specified budget in mind. Always meets or exceeds expectations - always on time and takes full ownership of all of her projects. Would recommend Amie in a heartbeat!
Sara Sterling, Marketing Manager at Hilton
Amie, is very helpful. I enjoy working with her.
Ron Willingham, Authentic Salesperson
We cannot say enough amazing things about Amie! She came in and rescued a failed website project and turned it in to something wonderful within weeks. If you have a bunch of lemons, she will make it into lemonade. Amie was responsive to all of our e-mails, phone calls, and was easy to work with. Her knowledge and understanding of how a website should work for a small business is wonderful and we would recommend her to anyone.
Hollie Margarella / Hollie’s Helping Hands / Hollieshelpinghands.com
Amie Sassman has done an exceptional job on every project she has worked on with us. She is one of the most reliable, efficient and easy to get along with designers we know. Responsible and intelligent, Amie never misses any deadlines and never omits any details, project guidelines and instructions are always followed. Creative, organized and a very reliable graphic designer who can handle any project, large or small. Has experience in some of the newest technologies of web design, just a pleasure to work with.
Nick Kubis, Director, New Business at NAK Integrated Marketing
Thank you so much for not only doing a GREAT job design wise but also for doing an equally GREAT job with client communication and quick turnarounds! It's easy to see how much you love what you do...and we LOVE to see that! You're wonderful to work with!...You're the best subcontractor we've ever hired in terms of extremely high work quality, creativity AND quick turnarounds all at the same time. I'm beyond impressed...we plan on keeping you around for ages!
Lace Wilson, FFWD