The Problem

Calculate Your Numbers

More Information About the Problem

Your organization probably has much better numbers than Gallup’s 30/70 ones.
Would you take a moment and think about it in slightly more detail?

Arriving at a 100 percent total, how might you estimate your people’s engagement percentages in these levels?

Fully Engaged? ____________%
Moderately Engaged? ____________%
Moderately Disengaged? ____________%
Fully Disengaged? ____________%
Costing Us? $________

What Went Wrong?

First, let’s establish that human productivity is caused by approximately:

15% knowledge, systems, technology, and processes and 85% values, inner self-belief boundaries, attitudinal, and emotional factors.

The most casual observation of all your people clearly validates these numbers.

Boredom, egos, conflict with other workers, burned toast for breakfast, sick child at home, and many other illogical factors tend to rule people’s on-the-job productivity.

Most managers have limited ability to understand and deal with these deep, personal issues that drive what they perceive as negative employee behaviors.

But, they can learn!

Here, increases come by getting your people all pulling together with a common purpose toward productive goals.

“Human potential, though not always apparent, is there waiting to be discovered and invited in.”

–William Purkey

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